MultiFaith GROWs

This blog is for our MultiFaith GROWs program.  We are encouraging all churches, mosques, temples – all faith spaces – to grow a garden.

We invite your comments and questions.


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3 Responses to “MultiFaith GROWs”

  1. Bea Maugeri Says:

    Monroe St.’s Reeder Hall is available on Tuesday Sept. 22 at 5:30 for the harvest festival committee to meet and check out the garden and kitchen facilities.

    The freezer I was thinking of still works; however, it was broken into sometime in the past and no longer has a lock. There is a refrigerator with a top freezer in the church’s smaller kitchen (the “salad kitchen” ). It is currently relatively empty as is the refrigerator. The salad kitchen is usually kept locked. I don’t know if this would be sufficient security for the chickens.

    We can check out other logistical issues next Tuesday. We will need to fill out a form for how you want the room arranged for the festival.

    I don’t have e-mail addresses to let committee members know.

  2. judylt Says:

    Thank you for your comment, Bea. We will pass on the info.

  3. Larry Moore Says:

    I am a member at Church of the Cross United Methodist Church located at Cass and Eastgate in South Toledo. We have a rather large field/lawn and I am looking for help and guidance for putting in a community garden.

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